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  • The ideal location in Schleswig-Holstein

Economic efficiency meets quality of life

A region with many strengths. The Rendsburg-Eckernförde District offers all advantages of a modern business location. Besides the excellent location in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein and its infrastructure, it is particularly the high quality of life near the coast that makes the region equally attractive for both companies and employees. The numerous companies based here are already delighted – seize the opportunity to also convince yourself of the advantages of our District!

“The administrative authority in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde District works as a reliable partner hand in hand with trade and industry. We jointly shape the future in an attractive District with a high quality of life. We guarantee new and existing companies active support for their projects.”

Dr. Rolf-Oliver Schwemer, District AdministratorRendsburg-Eckernförde District Council

The business location in detail


Central location in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein


Situated on the most travelled waterway in the world (the Kiel Canal)


Close to Kiel, the state capital


Direct access to the A7 and A210 motorways


Hamburg can be quickly reached.


Close proximity to the Scandinavian markets

Top location

Our district is situated in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein. A unique feature is the close proximity to the most travelled waterway in the world: the Kiel Canal. The A7/A210 motorway junction and the railway line in North-South direction provide ideal inland transport connections. Kiel, the state capital, the metropolis of Hamburg and the country of Denmark are also within quick and easy reach.

2 ports on the Kiel canal

Two ports on the Kiel Canal provide a unique locational advantage and allow the transport and handling of all types of bulk and heavy goods. Our ports have state-of-the-art equipment.
heavy goods port:
bulk goods port:

Low municipal trade tax multipliers

Another advantage is the low municipal trade tax multiplier. Smaller municipalities charge an average rate of 8.0% and the cities charge 9.5% in the case of private companies with an annual gross profit of EUR 100,000.00.

Available industrial and commercial plots

We offer you 50 hectares of immediately available industrial and commercial plots and will assist you in successfully establishing your company, creating new jobs and obtaining grants for new ideas. A most unbureaucratic approach and sustainable development are very important to us in this process. You can find an overview of the available plots here:

High quality of life

Quality of life has become a decisive locational advantage for companies. Those who locate their company in a district with a high quality of life, such as Rendsburg-Eckernförde, have better chances of attracting and retaining good employees. 55 km of Baltic coastline, 17 nature conservation areas, 4 nature reserves and affordable housing speak for themselves.

The location in figures

12 thous.


110 thous.


273 thous.


55 km

of Baltic coastline

Companies based in the district

More than 11,500 companies already chose our district. We are home to numerous companies, ranging from sound medium-sized companies and ‘hidden champions’ to global market leaders.


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